As a Holistic Birth Doula and Registered Nurse,
I help parents openly explore the mind, body, and spirit.
I promote empowerment, peace, comfort, and a sense of harmony and well-being.
Using a holistic approach, I help to create environments that facilitate an easy and healthy conception, pregnancy, and birthing process.

Your baby's pre-birth experience is as important as the birth experience!


Emotional Wellness

As a Wellness Coach I have had formal training on mindfulness. Common mindfulness terms are ‘going with the flow’, ‘emotionally trans-formative’, ‘being present’, 'being in the zone’, ‘working with pain’, ‘pain is your friend instead of your enemy’. Clients trained in mindfulness learn to relate differently to the negative thoughts that surround their intense physical sensations, allowing them to feel strong, confident, and empowered by her bodies' capabilities. I can help you to train or re-frame your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. You deserve to have an easier conception, healthiest pregnancy, and the best birth experience!


Physical Wellness

A positive growth environment, having the proper nutritional intake, and limited exposure to toxins has a lifelong effect on the unborn fetus. Environmental and nutritional exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's) and neurotoxins may be associated with the development of learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems; deformations of the body (including limbs); breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other cancers; sexual development problems such as feminizing of males or masculinizing effects on females, etc. Start a happier, healthier way of life, not only for yourself but for your future family generations.


Social Wellness

Spirituality is the ability to feel connected. I offer consistent and nurturing support that enhances all of your important spiritual connections. I guide you to feel the connection that you have to your amazing and powerful body, inner strength, inner wisdom, your unborn child, your partner, your birth team, your family, and to your God, Spirit, or Source. Feel connected, safe, and cared for from our first meeting and until you have confidently transitioned into parenthood!


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